Our facility is in European Standards and grow the pullets in healthy and hygienic conditions in completely closed system coops with full automation as by separating the pullets according to their races and months.
Actions start 2 – 3 weeks before the chicks come to the facility. The coop is washed after its dry cleaning and its
disinfection is made with aldehyde and iodine compounds. Necessary temperature, oxygen and humidity in the coops are provided by special air condition systems.

The coops are made ready in a manner that all needs of the chicks will be met. Vaccine program to be applied to the flock is prepared and treated to flock registry cards after the blood samples taken from the coming chicks are necessarily tested in our quality control laboratory. The daily controls of the chicks that are received under veterinary supervision are made by specialist veterinaries and agriculture engineers. Pullets are taken into the facility when they are day-old and they are placed in the special hygienic, fan, pad coops prepared for them with air conditioning adjusted to 340 and 350 C.